Meet Maggie McKaig

Maggie McKaig

Maggie McKaig’s theater life has involved writing and directing over 60 middle and high school productions, many of them musical, but her main artistic focus has been playing and writing music. When she was 11, she saved up $25, bought her first guitar and wrote her first song; she hasn’t stopped playing and writing since. She’s recorded six well-received albums, five of them in the last ten years. Also an adept accordionist, she’s toured throughout North America and Europe. In 2009, Maggie was a FAR-West Folk Alliance Premier Showcase Artist, a Just Plain Folks Music award winner, and, in 2010, a Nevada County Composer’s Cooperative featured composer. Since her first country band in Alberta, Canada in 1976, she’s played many styles at thousands of concerts with numerous bands, including Lost in the Colonies, Celtic Wonder Band, Storm Session, and her latest, the Euro Café Gypsy Jazz quartet Beaucoup Chapeaux. Her husband, the extraordinary multi-instrumentalist Luke Wilson, has been Maggie’s band-mate throughout. This year, along with the Great Water Dragon Tour with Sands, Maggie will tour Oregon and Washington in July with Beaucoup Chapeaux, and, in October, will tour Maryland and Pennsylvania, presenting her Cumberland Suite, a music and spoken word piece based on her great-great-great-grandmother’s Civil War era journal.

About Sands

Writer, musician, teacher, theater artist. Books include the novel CATCHING HEAVEN, a book of essays and exercises, TOOLS OF THE WRITERS CRAFT, and, forthcoming, FLUNK.START: Reclaiming my Decade Lost in Scientology. A CD of my songs is called RUSTLER'S MOON.
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