words words words

In the beginning was…

That’s how the Big Book starts: In the beginning was the Word.

In the beginning, in the very very beginning, it’s words that get us going. And keep us going. Because how can we talk – or write — about anything without these miraculous entities, made up of letters and strung together into sentences that have, if we’re doing our job, meaning? I just find it kind of miraculous.

About Sands

Writer, musician, teacher, theater artist. Books include the novel CATCHING HEAVEN, a book of essays and exercises, TOOLS OF THE WRITERS CRAFT, and, forthcoming, FLUNK.START: Reclaiming my Decade Lost in Scientology. A CD of my songs is called RUSTLER'S MOON.
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2 Responses to words words words

  1. 100000days says:

    To use a current common term for “I agree”: Word. Jeri

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